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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Productions


Malaga Film Office is very aware and committed to respecting the environment and favours any new sustainable development actions geared at preventing and minimising the environmental impact that can stem from Audiovisual productions carried out in Malaga. Our aim is to ensure that these activities take place based on quality, health safety and a criteria that will contribute to a sustainable development with significant added value for society.

To acheive this goal the City Council, via Malaga Film Office and in collaboration with Promalaga and the Municipal Department of Environmental Development, has implemented various steps and tools completey FREE OF CHARGE to help you acheive a Sustainable Audiovisual Production:

  • 10 Commandments for a Sustanaible Production. Comprised of 10 simple general rules. A more in depth guideline can be found in the Sustainable Filming Guide
  • Eco-Friendly Suppliers: Facilitated so that – whenever possible – producers may opt for providers that offer a certification in environmental sustainability.
  • Environmental Advisory Office: Prior to filming, they will offer your project a report of sustainable measures tailored to your production.
  • SEAL OF A SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION: Once the project has proven that the aforementioned measures have been put into effect, Malaga Film Office will award the production this seal  that will act as a guarantee that the production in our city took place in a sustainable fashion.

Other tools we offer to compensate the possible negative impact from audiovisual productions:

Let’s make a change and protect the most important location we have … OUR PLANET!




Plano a Plano – Netflix Series TOY BOY (Season 2)

Madre Tierra – Documentary HÉROES EN LA SOMBRA

Áralan Films – Feature Film COMO DIOS MANDA

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