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One Stop Office

Here you will find all the information necessary to plan your shoot. If you have any problems, the staff of Málaga Film Office (MFO) will be more than happy to personally assist and help with whatever you need.


MFO offers a Locations Library that will help you in your search. Additionally, in our Audiovisual Guide, you will find local experienced location scouts.

  • 1. When the chosen location is within the capital city of Malaga:
    • a) If it is public property of the City Council: The Production Company will fill out a Film Permit Application and immediately MFO will start processing the necessary permits.
    • b) If it is public property of another Administration or a private location: MFO will assist in obtaining the contacts, when possible.
  • 2. When the chosen location is not in the capital city of Malaga: MFO will also try to help you in obtaining the contacts.

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Just by sending in your application the process of securing your Film Permit begins!

1. Film Permit Application:
MFO will process FREE of charge all requests for filming in Local Authority buildings, spaces and roads as soon as the completed application form is received. (Online Film Permit Application)

2. Timeframes:
The minimum timeframe to request film permits will be 5 business days (Monday to Friday) before the shoot begins. This timeframe must be extended as much as possible whenever any traffic flow management is necessary and/or according to the complexity or magnitude of the shoot. Please attach photos of the locations when filling the film request.

3. Maps:
A map must be attached to the application clearly marking both the film location and the parking area.

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MFO will process all applications for filming on public property, including: beaches, parks, gardens, Botanical Garden, historical buildings & monuments, among others.

The Production Company must hand in a brief synopsis of the action to take place as well as a copy of the insurance policy. For authorization, each project will be studied together with the corresponding Department.

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In order to place any material, technical equipment and/or vehicles on sidewalks or other pedestrian areas, the Production Company must provide the following information:

  • Public Liability Insurance, with minimum coverage of 151.000 euros per victim or accident
  • Measurements, weight and exact location of the material and/or vehicle.
  • All pavements & pedestrian areas must be protected at all times.
  • All material and cabling must be appropriately covered and marked for the security of the pedestrians.
  • For occupancy with vehicles within the controlled area of the Historic City Center (access only with special permission controlled by cameras) it will be essential to send with a minimum of 5 working days in advance copies of both the Circulation Permit and the Technical Card (of each vehicle) .

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For applications which involve occupying public spaces with film equipment and/or that entail parking reservations for production vehicles, the Production Company must provide MFO with a copy of a current Insurance Policy together with proof of payment, or a Certificate of Insurance Coverage, before the start of the shoot to cover any injuries or damages which may occur while filming. The Public Liability Insurance shall provide a minimum capital of 151,000 euros for personal damages caused to the assistants with the result of death and permanent absolute disability. JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA LAW

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The MFO logo must be included in the production credits. The Production Company must also notify MFO of the distribution date and deliver the following:

  • – A copy of the production for its files.
  • – Two photographs in high resolution of the shoot for internal use and/or for MFO’s website.

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In order for MFO to arrange reservations in public parking spaces for both filming and/or for production vehicles (even when it is a private location), a public liability insurance policy must be provided together with the following information via our Online Film Permit Application Form:

  • Date(s) and schedule(s) of use.
  • Complete address.
  • Area to be occupied (using linear meters, clear references & street numbering).
  • ZONE color: green, blue, white (see below).
  • Indicate whether the area must be clear of vehicles.
  • Specify the use of the space.

In Malaga there are three ZONES for parking on public streets:

  • White zone: libre de tasas
  • Green zone: Residents, also free of charge.
  • Blue zone: Subject to charges (must be paid in advance in the SMASSA offices, Tel: 952 060 104 http://www.aparcamientosmalaga.com/). A copy of the receipt must be provided to MFO in order to coordinate the reservation of the space.

In general, spaces will not be reserved where parking is prohibited (this type of non-compliance is subject to a fine): handicapped, motorcycle, loading and unloading, etc.

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All areas involved in the shoot must be well marked;

1. Local Police: :
The Local Police will reserve the requested space using fences, indicating the date and schedule of the reservation. To remove vehicles found in the reserved area, please call 092.

2. MFO Signs:
MFO will supply the Production Company with signs on loan with a refundable deposit upon their return. They must be visible at all times in the different areas of the shoot.

3. Obligations on behalf of the Production Company:

  • a) All areas of the shoot must be signposted and marked, leaving a walkway open for pedestrians.
  • b) All material and/or cabling located on the ground must be clearly marked.
  • c) During any traffic interruption, night shoots or during poor visibility conditions, warning lights will be placed around all technical equipment and production staff must wear a reflective jacket and ID badge.

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The minimum timeframe of 5 business days must be extended as much as possible whenever a traffic interruption is requested. It is recommended that the interruption be intermittent, during non-peak hours, and/or on weekends to avoid daily traffic problems.

When the interruption involves rerouting the traffic, the Local Authorities may require an announcement be placed in the local newspapers at least one day prior to the shoot. This notice will be placed by the MFO and paid for by the Production Company.

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To request any modification to street fixtures, the following must be specified;

  • The item in question Ex.: litter bin, container, street sign, traffic signal, etc.
  • The exact location with an attached photograph.
  • The modification required & the affected dates & time.

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MFO will provide a sample letter to advise the residents and businesses of the location. This communication must be distributed in mailboxes a minimum of 5 days prior to the shoot, and must have the signature and seal of the Production Company as well as the necessary contact details. (Download Word document)

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Compliance with all Municipal Regulations that dictate the conditions, schedules and instructions reflected on the film permits.

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  • The film location must remain daily in perfect condition, just as it was found.
  • All possible material should be recycled, by using the containers provided on public roads (paper, containers and glass).
  • All non-recycling material must be transported to the appropriate ‘clean points’ in the city. CLEAN POINTS
  • It is recommended, whenever possible, to use renewable energy materials and / or of low consumption (LED spotlights, electric vehicles, electric generators, recycled props, metals and wood, among others).
  • We suggest the donation of any un-consumed foods to the social kitchens in the city.

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Catering is not authorized on all public grounds of Malaga and must take place in: restaurants, mobile catering diners and/or rented spaces.

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All crew members will respect the Environmental Municipal Ordinance regarding noise, especially during night shoots (See ordinance in PDF. Spanish only), as well as prevent possible glare caused by spotlights so as to reduce any nuisance. For this, the Production Company must:

  • Work with silent generators, positioning them as far away as possible from residential areas.
  • Load and unload all materials using lifting platforms and only within the authorized schedule.
  • Use headsets on the Walkie-Talkies.

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Any weapon or explosive must use blanks and be issued by an official agency, and its documentation must be presented to MFO. Furthermore, MFO must be informed of scenes in which actors are dressed in official uniforms (i.e.: policeman) and of any prop/vehicle that simulates emergency services (i.e.: ambulance)

Legal Notice