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Eco-Friendly Productions


Malaga Film Office is very aware and committed to respecting the environment and favours any new sustainable development actions geared at preventing and minimising the environmental impact that can stem from audiovisual activities carried out in Malaga. We have to ensure that these activities take place based on quality, health safety and a criteria of environmental respect that will contribute to a sustainable development with significant added value for society.

To acheive this goal, we recommend:

  • The use of materials that do not harm the environment.
  • Recycling of all paper, glass, organic waste, etc, created by the production, in order to reduce deforestation and pollution.
  • Limiting the use of polluting emissions (gases from vehicles, oils…).
  • A civic-minded attitude in daily habits, such as; not throwing cigarette butts or similar waste products on public streets and grounds.
  • The use of recycled and low consumption products, contributing in this way to lower energy consumption.
  • All defective and useless cables, metals, props, etc., must be collected and deposited at one of the city’s ‘Clean Zones’ (‘Punto Limpio’)

MFO is involved in the European Green Screen Project, in collaboration with Promalaga, which aims to prevent and reduce the environment carbon footprint created by Film & TV production. With this goal, various tools have been implemented to help you achieve a Green Film Production;

¡COMING SOON! Our next objective is to create a Green Certificate for Production Companies and Industry that carry out established sustainable practices

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