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Mr Barrientos ‘Fuera de juego’ (2015)

  • Director/Directora
  • Kike Florido
  • Country
  • Spain
  • Productora
  • Animum 3D

A very peculiar episode in the life of Mr. Barrientos, the manager of a scruffy hotel in the 1950s. On the stormy night of a football match, Mr. Barrientos receives an unexpected visit from an enigmatic character who breaks into the tranquility of his hotel. Misfortune will haunt Mr. Barrientos throughout our story, leading our character to a most unexpected end.

“Mr Barrientos, Off-side” is an animated short film directed by Kike Florido (Animum graduate in Advanced Animation) and produced by Animum Creativity Advanced School.

It has the participation of Michael Alcover (Animum Animation graduate) as TD, Alberto Cruz (Animum 3D Character Modeling graduate) as 2D artist and the collaboration of Roger Giménez, Animum Academic Director, as Animation Director.

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