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Le Tigre se parfume à la dynamite (1965)

  • Director/Directora
  • Claude Chabrol
  • Country
  • France, Spain, Italy
  • Reparto
  • Roger Hanin, Margaret Lee, Michel Bouquet, Micaela Pignatelli, Carlos Casaravilla, José Nieto, José María Caffarel, George Rigaud, Roger Dumas

  • IMDB

The James Bond of the French secret service was Le Tigre, the tiger, a film of espionage and gold trafficking set in French Guinea & played by the charismatic Roger Hanin was filmed in Malaga. But during the races, fights and flirtations between the spy and the actress Margaret Lee, Hanin discovered that the South American colony had a lamppost similar to the one in the Port of Malaga, an airfield nailed to the Malaga Airport and, most paradoxically, a cathedral with a single tower… And if the similarities with Malaga were few, the jungle looked suspiciously like the Botanical Garden of La Concepción, which was one of the fundamental film locations in which this film was shot. Among others you can see the famous gazebo, where the house of the villain of this movie is located. The film was responsible for one of the revolutionaries of the Nouvelle Vague, Chaude Chabrol, who here brought to the screen an original idea of ​​Roger Hanin himself (who signed the script as Antoine Flachot) with the intention of taking ground from agent 007 that it had begun to reign on billboards around the world in 1962.

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