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Hard Contract (1969)

  • Director/Directora
  • S. Lee Pogostin
  • Country
  • USA
  • Reparto
  • James Coburn, Lee Remick, Lilli Palmer, Burgess Meredith, Patrick Magee, Sterling Hayden, Claude Dauphin, Helen Cherry, Karen Black, Sabine Sun

  • IMDB

Lee Remick, who starred in The Running Man (1963), returned to Malaga a few years later to shoot this controversial story titled Hard Contract. On this occasion, James Coburn was her co-leader in the role of a hit man who comes into conflict when he meets an American tourist posing as a prostitute. In that paradise of playful millionaires and happy bon vivants that the film portrayed, the tough James Coburn redeemed his past with horse carriage rides through the park, tours through the Plaza del Obispo and dialogues on the Postigo de los Abades avenue. At the car dealership – whish today is a restaurant – the couple leave the horse carriage behind in place of a late model car: a flaming 600 in which, frankly, James Coburn had trouble fitting his long legs. Of course, the small utility vehicle was bright orange and with a bow included. Enough not to go unnoticed.

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