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De Málaga a Vélez-Málaga (1909)

  • Director/Directora
  • Ricardo de Baños
  • Country
  • Spain

The first known film to be shot in Malaga was this unique railway documentary filmed by the Catalan pioneer Ricardo de Baños from the locomotive of the train that ran the line between Malaga and Velez. The itinerary was captured by a camera installed on the locomotive from where the landscape and the coastline of the Axarquía were shown, along which this line of the Suburban Railways of Malaga passed. The film was commissioned by a theater in Barcelona, ​​Metropolitan Cinemaway, which was shaped like a train car and promised its viewers trips around the world without having to leave the Catalan capital. This documentary followed the model created years earlier in the United States by the Hale’s Tours of the World company, which filled the country with these types of cinemas that pretended to be train cars. The initial station was located on the beach of La Malagueta, on the land that today occupies the Mediterranean Club and the promenade. Unfortunately, this documentary disappeared after a fire in the production company.

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