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Amor a la española (1966)

  • Director/Directora
  • Fernando Merino
  • Country
  • España
  • Reparto
  • J Margot Cottens, Pastor Serrador, José Luis Coll, Diana Sorel, Álvaro de Luna

  • IMDB

Amor a la española was not the first film to address the tourist boom that Spain was experiencing, but it did give the phenomenon a letter of nature, placing its epicenter in the flourishing coastal town of Torremolinos, which in the sixties was a neighborhood belonging to the city of Malaga. The film even shows the airport connection that already existed at the time between Madrid and Malaga and shot scenes in the old Malaga airport, whose first facilities are still preserved today. There is also the Aeromuseo de Málaga, which is free to visit and where you can find historical pieces that have crossed our skies. A well-remembered cast with the best Spanish comedians of the moment, such as José Luis López Vázquez, Manuel Gómez Bur, Pilar Mª Tejeiro or Laura Valenzuela and Alfredo Landa, in one of his precursor films of what would later be baptized as ‘Landismo’. The film had some formidable opening credits signed by the great graphic humorist Antonio Mingote.

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