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Alles Inklusive (2013)

  • Director/Directora
  • Doris Dörrie
  • País
  • Alemania
  • Género
  • Comedia, Drama
  • Reparto
  • Hannelore Elsner, Nadja Uhl, Hinnerk Schönemann

  • Productora
  • Olga Film GmbH
  • IMDB

70s, Torremolinos, Spain. The 8-year-old girl APPLE lives with her mother INGRID on the hippie beach of Torremolinos. Ingrid, a bare-breasted beauty who sells home-made jewelery to get herself and her daughter through, lives an unbound life and free love. She meets the bank employee KARL BIRKER, who owns a holiday home there together with his wife HEIKE and their son TIM. It’s love at first sight and they start a fierce affair. Son Tim has to watch as the mother desperately tries to win the husband back, in vain.

30 years later in Germany. Apple is now in her late thirties, works as a sound engineer on the radio and is single. Her life is her dog FREUD. The Pug is a partner, listener and soul-comforter. When Freud falls ill and needs a 3,500-euro hip replacement, Apple does not hesitate a second. She will pay. Dr. FELLBORN, in which Apple falls head over heels, makes the expensive operation. From now on, Freud is in plaster corset and a real nursing case. Dr. Fellborn is not averse to an affair with Apple, but your monologues are hard to bear. Because Apple is a specialist in unhappy love stories.

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