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11/06/2018 Malaga is attracting various film shoots for International Television Series with the support of Malaga Film Office

‘Snatch’, ‘Living the Dream’, ‘La Reina del Sur’, ‘Allí Abajo’ and ‘Toy Boy’ are just a few of the productions that have chosen to film in the city in recent months.

The city of Malaga has become a set for numerous TV Series, which have chosen the capital of the Costa del Sol for their shoots, having been facilitated and assisted by Malaga Film Office. The one-stop film office, belonging to the Malaga City Council and managed by the Malaga Festival, is in charge of processing everything related to the filming permits and the location logistics for their large convoys of technical vehicles. This has been the case in recent months of productions such as Snatch, Living the Dream, la Reina del Sur, Allí Abajo and Toy Boy.

Snatch is a TV series that adapts the film with the same title (2000) to the small screen and that chose multiple locations in Malaga, from Marbella to Torre del Mar, under the Malaga-based production services company Fresco Film. The technical team in charge was exclusively Spanish and mostly all were hired locally.

Living the Dream, a British TV Series is a family comedy set in Florida. Sky Channel commissioned the production to the London-based production company Big Talk and their associate in Spain is Palma Pictures.

La Reina del Sur, a Mexican TV Series based on the novel by Arturo Pérez Reverte, is produced for the Telemundo network. Production in Europe was made possible thanks to the Spanish production company Diagonal TV.

Allí Abajo is produced by the production company Plano a Plano for the Spanish network Antena 3. On Monday, June 4 and June 11, Antena 3 will broadcast the episodes with scenes which were filmed in the old provincial prison of Malaga.

Finally, Toy Boy is a new TV series produced for Antena 3, with plans to convert the remaining part of the old Tobacco factory within the city of Malaga into a large film studio, to sit alongside the other sections of the factory which have already been refurbished for various municipal uses.

These productions have meant a considerable investment for Malaga; benefiting companies dealing in accommodation, transportation, hiring professionals, equipment rental and much more. Furthermore, by appearing in these series Malaga will be projected onto an international level, implying an indirect impact on the city through film tourism.

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